St John delivers its charitable activities through local St John organisations, which we call Establishments. They consist of Priories and Establishments.

Priories are larger St John Establishments which assist in the running of The Order of St John and in the delivery of its services and charitable projects. St John has currently eleven of these Priories: Priory in Australia, Priory of Canada, Priory of England, Priory of Hong Kong, Priory of Kenya, Priory in New Zealand, Priory of Scotland, Priory of Singapore, Priory for South Africa, Priory in the United States of America and Priory for Wales

Associations are larger St John Establishments which assist in the delivery of the services and charitable projects. The International Secretariat of the Order – called St John International – is the supporting body for these organisations. We are providing support services, based on individual assessments of the current activities and needs of our local organisation.

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St John delivers first aid, health care and support services in more than 30 countries, mostly in the Commonwealth. From mobile clinics in Malawi to eye clinics in the Palestinian Territories, ambulance services in Australia and New Zealand, kidney dialysis in Malaysia, hospice care in Antigua and first aid worldwide, St John provides thousands of people with essential medical care every day.

If you want to know more about the work of the individual organisations, please follow the links below.

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