St John is a working Order of Chivalry and a modern organisation
delivering first aid, healthcare and support services around the world.

The Order of St John

For more information on how St John promotes physical, mental and spiritual health and resilience in more than 35 countries.


Author: Stephan Beschle

How St John Hong Kong is fighting the Covid Pandemic

Read here on how St John Hong Kong is contributing to the national effects.


Author: Stephan Beschle

NEW: One St John Vol. 7

Please read the newest issue of The Order of St John's International History Journal here.


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Help for Ukraine – Please support our sister organisations

For more on what Johanniter International Assistance and Malteser International are doing on the ground in Ukraine.


Author: Stephan Beschle


Dedicated volunteers worldwide


Emergencies responded to
and people treated


People trained in first aid


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