We are St John Papua New Guinea

Association Association

We are the frontline of medical response, preserving life and improving healthcare through emergency medical services, rescue and disaster relief.

Getting in touch

St John Headquarters, 702 Taurama Road, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea  

PO Box 6075, Boroko, Taurama Road, National Capital District 111 National Capital District, PNG 

Activities in Papua New Guinea

  • First Aid Services
    • First Aid Training
    • First Aid Events Support
    • First Aid in Schools (High School Students)
    • Sale of First Aid Products
  • Ambulance Services
    • Emergency Ambulance
    • Patient Transfer
  • Medical Responses to Community Healthcare Needs
    • Aeromedical Evacuation
    • Special Operations Support to Police, Defence and Fire
    • Training for Hospital Nurses and Community Health Workers (CHW) in Basic Emergency Life Support (BELS)
National Ambulance-Operations Centre