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Our Global Strategy and Regionalisation

Our Global Strategy was agreed by our Grand Council, TEC and Priory CEOs in 2021. This strategy brings together all of our Establishments with a shared set of values, vision and mission, centred around first aid and medical responses to community healthcare. To achieve this, we all have to work together – every part of St John has an important role to play: from the smallest Commandery and Association to the biggest Priory, from a volunteers in a remote village to staff, members and Great Officers – only a collaborative effort will bring our strategy to life.

To help us all work together, we have organised our Establishments into three Regions: Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific. Regionalisation focuses on building a peer group for all St Johns – it is not another level of authority or bureaucracy, but a peer group to build cohesion and shared direction amongst establishments within a geographical area. As each Region will focus on the issues of most importance in their regional context, it embeds our operations as a local service for local communities by local people, not just into the delivery of our services, but into our own leadership.