Saving lives around the world

Saving the lives of mothers and babies

The St John Mother and Baby Programme is working in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe - where mother and child mortality is among the highest in the world.


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Disaster Preparedness in the Caribbean


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Recognising Humanity


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Latest News

  • City of Vienna supports maternal and child health in Zambia

    The Government of the City of Vienna is supporting St John Zambia’s Mother and Baby Programme through a development grant. Read more

  • St John Scotland visits Malawi

    On 27 and 28 May, the Lord Prior and his wife (Sir Malcolm and Lady Ross) the Sub Prior (Mr John Mah) and the Prior of Scotland and his wife (Major General Mark and Sue Strudwick), along with the St John Scotland Executive Director (Angus Loudon) paid a short visit to St John Malawi. Read more

  • Providing first aid for pilgrims in Sri Lanka

    During the pilgrimage season to Sri Pada, the Colombo Central Unit of St John Ambulance Sri Lanka set up several first aid and medical camps. Read more

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Order News

  • Alliance Meeting in London

    On Friday 3 November the Venerable Order hosted a meeting of Johanniter (St John) organisations from 7 countries across Europe (known as the Alliance). Read more