St John support model for associations

While some of our St John organisations have been grown into large national Charities over the last decades, some smaller St John organisations are still in their beginnings, or they work on a small scale in their home markets. The International Secretariat of the Order – called St John International – is the supporting body for these smaller St John organisations. We are providing support services, based on individual assessments of the current activities and needs of the respective organisation.

Our aim is to establish the smaller St John Associations as successful and sustainable organisations. They will then generate income through first aid training and services, while ultimately helping the most vulnerable people in local communities with charitable projects.

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St John International is assisting with a wide range of capacities, for example annual business planning, grant and project management, fundraising and income generation, as well as activities to strengthen local governance. At the same time, we secure funds from international donors, which are used for local projects, such as the successful Mother and Baby programme in Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In addition, we provide advice, support and an infrastructure for admission and promotion of local people into our Most Venerable Order.

Whenever we cannot arrange the necessary support ourselves, we connect the smaller St John Association with one of the larger national St John Priories, which is assisting on behalf of the International Secretariat.

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