What's the challenge?

It is a misconception to believe that we only need to see an opthamologist when there is something wrong with the way we see. Many eye conditions for children and adults are asymptomatic – meaning you won’t know you have them without thorough examination. Early diagnosis means early treatment and a better chance of managing or even preventing vision loss. Vision loss is one of the largest challenges to employment. If we can prevent vision loss in our communities, we can build more resilient communities.

To ensure that where we offer eyecare services, everyone who needs it has access to high quality care.

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Where do we work?

St John is the oldest and only charitable provider of expert eye care in the Middle East. We have hospitals in East Jerusalem, Hebron and Gaza, and clinics in Anabta, Kufor Aqab, and Muristan in the Jerusalem’s Old City, as well as two outreach van treating patients regardless of ethnicity, religion or the ability to pay.

St John South Africa offers optometric services provided by healthcare professionals who specialise in vision care and correction, prescribing glasses or contact lenses, and diagnosing and treating common eye conditions like near-sightedness or astigmatism.

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Eye Care Stories

Eye Care Stories