At St John, we believe all young people in our organisation, have the right to speak up about the things that are important to them – and for adults to listen and take their views seriously.

This is why in 2019, The Order of St John made a commitment to increase youth participation in all work that we do. In essence, this means that young people from Priories would be consulted and informed on the governance and running of The Order of St John.

Fast forward to the present day, and The Order of St John International Youth Advisory Network (IYAN) is created for youth members aged 25 and under. IYAN now represents young people in Priories across the world, and every Priory has 2 representatives who sit on the network.

Forming IYAN is one of the first steps in creating a meaningful and lasting difference in how St John involves young people in key decisions that impact them.

I firmly believe that providing a voice for our Youth Members is vital in ensuring we carry on the storied legacy of our Order and its charitable aims. 

Tom, Chair of the Network, St John Australia

One recent example of how IYAN are voicing their opinion at the highest level was at this year's Grand Council. Five youth representatives from IYAN gave a compelling presentation to the Grand Council on how to incorporate and include a youth voice into all activities and the importance of including diversity, equity and inclusion.

A direct response from the presentation was over 25 pledges were made from senior leadership about how they will tackle some of the challenges raised by IYAN.

To view all the International Youth Ambassadors, please visit the IYAN Twitter and Instagram pages.

We at the International Office are excited to see the impact IYAN will have on The Order of St John. If you have any stories of great achievements and accomplishments of Youth Members of St John in your country that you would like to share, please feel free to send a message to @StJohnIYAN.

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July, 2022