Accidents and emergencies happen every day.

Without rapid response by trained people injuries can be more serious, and lives can also be at stake.This is especially true in countries where health services are stretched.


St John provides community based first aid, healthcare and support services around the world with decades of experience in this sector. There are over 250,000 volunteers and staff working in St John worldwide. Our volunteers train community members to increase the number of people who can respond in the first instance. This brings basic and urgent help to victims of accidents in traffic, at work, at school, at home and elsewhere in the community.


Sustainable Business Model

In countries like Sri Lanka, Zambia and Jamaica, these trainings are the base of a social business model. St John International is helping local St John Associations to strengthen vital first aid training offered to the private sector. It involves developing the commercial capacity of individual St John Associations through selling first aid training to business, public institutions and others.


Returns to help the communities

By developing business practices such as quality marketing and customer care, St John Associations can combine profitable first aid training for employers and charitable activities in the community. The income that is generated through the first aid trainings will pay for the charity’s operating cost and will increase to support the charitable activities in the community.


An initial investment helps St John Associations to start these sustainable social enterprises. As well, more first aiders will be able to help more people in emergencies, meeting a basic public health need.


Please support our social enterprises with your social investment for health



We have experience and a proven business model. Now we need to expand our training to support health and safety in workplaces and meet the demands of businesses. This will also serve the public health.

Dr Sarath Samarage, St John Sri Lanka