We at St John aspire to be the go-to first aid training and service delivery provider for the communities we are working in. A strong brand awareness and a solid local footprint, combined with innovation and dedication, are advantages in a competitive first aid market.

For our first aid training classes in England and Wales, we use the best training products available. Some of our training manikins even have Bluetooth, which helps optimising the effect of PCR. We are talking to defibrillator producers to support the development of smaller and easy to use models, which can literally be stored everywhere.

Our global digital working group is looking into ways of using the digital space to advance modern first aid. Virtual reality is used by St John Western Australia as a modern and exciting teaching method.

Learning from each other makes our national St John organisations strong, and by sharing their expertise or by developing first aid products and services together, we will reach more people and make First Aid a part of their everyday life.

Each of our 44 St John organisations is run as Social Enterprise; the local St John organisation can generate an income through paid training courses and event services, or by selling first aid kits for cars and the workplace. Only a financially stable and sustainable St John organisation will be a reliable partner to serve the local community.

As this partner, the profit of the Social Enterprise will be used to benefit the local communities we are working with. St John also offers free-of-charge training classes for church groups, schools and sports clubs.

As a global leader in First Aid, we have ambitious plans. We will increase our first aid footprint in pursuit of our main goal: Make first aid part of people’s every day life, and ensure that people who need help in whatever circumstance will receive it.

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