We offer a broad range of first aid services through our 44 member organisations. These services can be the most basic ones, like a first aid course you would take with St John like a “family and friends CPR course” in South Africa, or first aid training for your workplace in Malaysia.

Like with all our services, we adapt our various first aid trainings to the local needs and conditions. We include treatment of snake bites in Papua New Guinea, and we use story telling as a different teaching approach for courses in the First Nation communities in Canada. Road safety first aid courses in Kenya and Jamaica cater to the high prevalence of traffic accidents, while in the Caribbean our disaster preparedness courses teach school children and community groups about hazards during tropical storms, and how to treat injuries after a disaster.

In many places, St John develops innovative first aid services for the local communities.

Our mental first health classes in England and New Zealand have been proven very helpful during the Covid pandemic, when people were struggling with isolation and anxieties. In Canada, St John runs an opioid poisoning response training programme, battling the death of people with drug addiction.

Everywhere in the St John world, our first aiders are keeping people safe at events, from the local soccer match to marathons, championships to Olympic games.

Whenever and wherever you see the St John logo on a training certificate, one of our centres, or a first aid tent at an event, it means that you are in safe hands. Our training and services are delivered to the best global standard, reflecting St John’s clinical excellence as national and global leader in first aid.

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