St John is a working Order of Chivalry and a modern organisation delivering first aid, healthcare and support services around the world.

In the Service of Humanity

St John promotes physical, mental and spiritual health and resilience in more than 35 countries, mostly in the Commonwealth. The Order delivers its charitable activities through local St John Ambulance organisations and the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.

Each Year, St John organisations train more than 2 million people in first aid and other healthcare activities. Worldwide, we treat over 1.2 million and reach more than 2.5 million beneficiaries with our services. We are linking local communities to national health services and increase community resilience through our programmes.

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St John International

The International Secretariat of the Order – called St John International – is the supporting body for St John organisations. We are providing support services, based on individual assessments of the current activities and needs of our local organisation.

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Community volunteers

At our core of our work are the 200,000 St John volunteers who give their own time, effort, and expertise to help others. They come from the local communities they are working in, and improve the lives of their own family, friends and neighbours through our services, while strengthening community resilience. Our volunteers are wearing the eight-pointed cross on their uniforms, proud to be part of our worldwide charitable movement.

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St John empowers future generations to achieve their full potential. Our various worldwide youth programmes prepare children for community services. Children and adolescents learn essential first aid and home nursing skills, but also develop leadership abilities; today’s young volunteers are tomorrow’s doctors, first aid trainers, paramedics and life savers.

The chivalric Order

The Order of St John, formally known as The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, is a Royal Order of Chivalry first constituted as such by Royal Charter from Queen Victoria in 1888. Currently Queen Elizabeth II is the Sovereign Head of The Order of St John.

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Our work follows the twin motto of
Pro Fide and Pro Utilitate Hominum
(for the Faith and in the Service of Humanity).

The Order of St John is a Christian Order, found on Christian principles and what we do is motivated by Christian ideals. However, our services are open to everyone, and our members and volunteers come from all faiths and no faith. Christian clerics look after the welfare of St John staff and volunteers, as do Imams and Buddhist monks in some of the countries where we operate.