Dianah is only one of the many women who have been helped by St John’s Mother and Baby programme in Zimbabwe. By the time she was 25 years old, Dianah had already been pregnant twice. She had suffered from high blood pressure and other pregnancy-related complications.

Dianah didn’t know ab out the importance of frequent health checks or the steps she should take to protect her health. Her first baby was born underweight. Her second pregnancy was even more difficult.

I remember waking up because l was having pain in my back, but l ignored it because l thought it was something minor. I carried on with heavy households chores, and I even went to the local market. This was where l started bleeding. By the time l was taken to the clinic, l was told that l had a miscarriage. 

During Dianah’s third pregnancy, a local St John volunteer visited her at home a total of four times. She learned about the importance of ante-natal checks at the clinic.

The volunteer also discussed the danger signs and what to do if l had any of them, and things to do and to avoid during pregnancy. This helped me a lot.

When it was time to deliver her baby, Dianah went to the labour ward prepared with basic delivery items and clothes for the newborn. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Nyasha – which means Grace.

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