Click on the links below to access relevant background infomation about the honours and awards processes of the Order of St John and the various forms to be used.

Wef 1 January 2016 only the forms hosted in this section are to be submitted to the Order Honours and Awards Committee (OHAC).



Membership of the Order

A Membership Admission and Promotion.pdf 

A1 Statement of Criteria for Admissions and Promotions issued 2014.pdf 

A2 Notes for Nominators issued 2014 updated 2015.pdf 

A3 Notes for Candidates issued 2014 updated 2015.pdf 

A4 Nomination Form -Admission and Promotion Grades V to II 2016 version (Smart).docx 

A5 Nomination Form - Admission and Promotion Grades V to II 2016 version.docx 

A6 Nomination Form - Promotion to Grade I 2016 version.docx 

A8 Declaration Sovereign 2018.pdf 

A9 Declaration President 2018.pdf

A10 Declaration - Extract from Statutes.pdf 

A11 Certificate and Undertaking 2018.pdf

A12 Diploma of Membership template.pdf 

A13 Regnal Years of HM Queen Elizabeth II.pdf


B Membership Investitures.pdf 

Rolls and Records


D Membership Privileges.pdf 

D1 Post Nominals.pdf

D2 Armorial Bearings.pdf 


E Membership Transfer.pdf 


F Membership Termination.pdf 

Service Medal of the Order

G Recognition Service Medals.pdf 

G1 Application Form SMA - Service Medal 2016 version (Smart).docx 

G2 Application Form SMEA - Service Medal Emblem 2016 version (Smart).docx 

G3 Service Medal Qualifying Service Ready Reckoner wef 1 Jan 2017.pdf

G4 Service Medal Cert template.pdf 

G5 Service Medal Bar Cert template.pdf 

G6 Service Medal LL Cert template.pdf 

Grand Prior's Award

H Recognition Grand Priors Award.pdf 

H1 Grand Priors Award Certificate example.pdf 

Sovereign's Award

J Recognition Sovereigns Award.pdf 

J1 Sovereigns Award Certificate template.pdf 

Anniversary Certificates

K Recognition Anniversary Certificates.pdf

K1 Anniversary Certificate template.pdf 

Order Awards for Bravery

L Recognition Bravery Awards.pdf

L1 Life-Saving Medal Certificate template.pdf

L2 Life-Saving Certificate of Honour template.pdf 

Other Order Awards

M Recognition Other Order Awards.pdf 

Warrants of Appointment

 N Warrants of Appointment updated Mar 2018.pdf

Other Grand Prior Appointments

P Other GP Appointments 2017.pdf


Reclassification of Knights and Dames

R Reclassification.pdf 

R1 OHAC Form 7 Reclassification Knight of Justice (Jun 2015).pdf 

R2 OHAC Form 8 Reclassification Dame of Justice Married (Jun 2015).pdf 

R3 OHAC Form 9 Reclassification Dame of Justice Single Widow (Jun 2015).pdf


S Mandates 2018.pdf

Comments on any of the documents/forms above and suggestions for other topics to be considered for inclusion should be sent via the Chancery focal point in your Priory or your Association Chairman to the Head of Chancery in the International Office.


The Statutes, Regulations and Grand Council Instructions may be found by selecting the ‘Governance’ option in the drop-down menu and the clicking on ‘The Order of St John Policy’ heading.