St John Cymru Wales is dedicated to training the community in first aid, helping to achieve the aim of having a first aider on every street by 2017.

The charity’s volunteers offer their skills and time at the heart of their community, providing first aid cover at public events. These range from football and rugby international matches to trekking events, or providing back-up to local ambulance services.

The friendly, professional staff pride themselves on providing patients with modern ambulances and comfortable cars. The high quality, non-emergency patient transport is used by NHS Trusts and Social Services, as well as private patients.


Patient Transport

St John Cymru Wales prides itself on providing patients with modern ambulances and comfortable cars along with a friendly professional service. Our high-quality, non-emergency patient transport service is used by NHS Trusts, Social Services, repatriation and insurance companies, as well as private patients. Our vehicles are designed to meet the highest standards of patient care and comfort for patients across the UK.

National Event Cover

St John Cymru Wales provides first aid and ambulance cover for a variety of small to large scale events across the country each year. With the ability to tailor our medical cover specific for your event, our experienced volunteers will ensure that your cover meets the requirements of national recommendations and standards.

Volunteers are trained in advanced first aid, ambulance and lifesaving skills and attend hundreds of events each year. They provide essential support on location, en-route to hospital or until the emergency services arrive.

First Aid Training

St John Wales vision to have a first aider in every street in Wales. They teach people in the workplace, in the community and to young people in schools and through activities for young people.


St John Cymru Wales
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