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As part of our Spotlight Series from our Annual Report 2022, Shawn McLaren describes how Unselfishness influences the work of St. John Ambulance Canada: "Selflessly helping those in greatest physical, mental and spiritual need without judgment, and building their resilience. We will put the needs of others before ourselves, working for stronger communities." Read more


As part of our Spotlight Series from our Annual Report 2022, Dr Kenny Lee shares how Resect guides the work of St John Malaysia: "Showing respect and loving kindness for all humanity: Everyone, no matter their age, gender, race, creed, political affiliation or national identity, or what they may have done, will receive loving kindness from St John without discrimination." Read more

A Message from our Lord Prior

Following the outbreak of hostilities in the last few days, our Lord Prior has issued the following letter to all St John people around the world. Read more

Remembering HM The Queen Elizabeth II

On the first Anniversary of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, we offer a prayer from our Prelate, The Right Reverend Tim Stevens. Read more

"Women are extremely capable, ambitious, experienced, and ready to serve and lead"

To mark International Women’s Day, on Wednesday 8 March 2023, we sat down with Sally Hasler, Dame of the Order of St John and Chair of the St John International Women’s Network. Read more

St John Ambulance Canada responds to the Opioid Poisoning Epidemic

Read how St John Ambulance Canada is helping combat the dramatic increase in Opioid Poisoning across Canada. Read more