St John Malawi was originally established in 1957 by Sir Robert Armitage who was then governor of Nyasaland (now Malawi) supported by major commercial companies who were conscious of the urgent need to prevent accidents and support emergencies at the work place. It is currently registered as a non-profit making organisation with NGO Board of Malawi.

St John Malawi provides First Aid Services across the country and community health programmes including Primary Health Care, Safe Motherhood, Child Health and WASH projects.

In recent years, St John in Malawi have taken on a leading role in saving the lives of mothers and babies in the St John Mother and Baby Programme. Local volunteers within the communities help to improve the health of mothers and babies by teaching women about nutrition and antenatal check-ups, preparing for labour and the birth, and after delivery. As well as teaching men how to play a stronger support role.

We are an international family of charities whose mission is to lead globally in First Aid and medical responses to community healthcare needs.


First Aid

First Aid is the core activity of St John Malawi where it is provided to commercial organisations and to schools. St John Malawi has been running the First Aid in schools programme for 5 years in Blantyre. Their objective is to create a future generation that will have First Aid knowledge and skills to reduce the current lack of proper care for the injured and ill people which is leading to further medical complications and loss of lives.

Apart from providing training, First Aid service is also provided at public meetings for example at sporting events, crusades and many more events. With volunteers that have undergone intensive training and refreshers make the service other companies can benchmark on.

Home Based Care

St John Malawi volunteers provide care to chronically ill patients in the townships of Ndirande and Mbayani in Blantyre; and in two rural sites, Kauma and Chiuzira in Lilongwe. Their work involves:

  • Transferring skills of care to guardians and/or directly providing the care to the patients
  • Motivating community members to go for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) Referring patients to the hospital

Currently, there are 14 Health Surveillance Assistants and 60 volunteers in Kauma and Chiuzira have been trained in first aid and home-based care to support and care for the communities effectively.

Primary Health Care and WASH

St John Malawi implements Primary Health Care and WASH projects in the Community and for over 22 years St John Malawi has been implementing the projects in Ndirande and Mbayani in Blantyre; and Kauma, Chiuzira and Chimbalanga in Lilongwe. Some of the project's activities include:

Mother and Baby Programme

St John Malawi supports the local government’s efforts (DHOs) to improve the availability of timely and essential care for pregnant women and new mothers with babies through Safe Motherhood and Child Health projects.

St John Volunteers make door-to-door visits to support expectant and new parents and encourage them to use medical services early and often enough. St John also supplies a basic package to local clinics. In remote villages, where health services are not available, St John volunteers work together with local health staff to provide outreach clinics.

  • Growth monitoring in designated community clinics (Outreach)
  • Home visiting
  • Health education campaigns
  • Home surveys i.e. data collection
  • Support HSAs in Immunisations Exercise

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