Cameron Oxley promoted to Bailiff Grand Cross

Following the sanction by His Majesty King Charles III on 31st January 2024, Cameron Oxley has been promoted to Bailiff Grand Cross. This is the most senior grade within the Order, awarded to those who have demonstrated the utmost integrity, loyalty and devotion to the Order of St John. 

Cameron Oxley is highly respected and completely devoted to the Order, in particular in his role as Chancellor of the Australian Priory. With more than 16 years of service to The Order and those it serves, Cameron draws on the extensive connections he has built domestically and internationally to further the mission and vision of St John in Australia, and across the world.

Cameron’s proactive and inclusive leadership style has been evident during his entire service so far and especially in recent tumultuous years, as communities responded to significant events including, the global COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, economic uncertainties, and other community crises. During this time Cameron contributed to growth across St John Ambulance Australia – generating positive impact in areas of increasing service to those in need, improving strategic direction, stakeholder engagement, organisational sustainability, and service innovation.

Cameron Oxley

Cameron is a highly experienced director within the not-for-profit sector with a passion for community service. By profession, he is a litigation lawyer and leading insurance law practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the corporate sector, including as a Partner at Australia’s largest law firm. Alongside his professional career, Cameron has a deep connection to volunteerism – particularly with interests in health and community safety. Cameron is a long-term volunteer (26 years) for Mt Buller Volunteer Ski Patrol, and the Board Chair for Alpine Health – an organisation that seeks to improve the well-being of Victorian alpine communities through hospitals and aged care facilities.

Cameron first joined St John as a Board Member with St John Ambulance Victoria in 2008 (later becoming Chair). In 2011, he became a member of the Australian Priory Board, and a Priory Officer in 2017, and then was appointed Chancellor of the Australian Priory in 2019. Cameron’s business acumen has contributed to establishing sound governance practices, and he proactively leads a skills-based membership on the Australian Priory Board. He has been a member of Grand Council since 2019, expanding positive relationships across the global network. He has also fulfilled past roles as a member of the Trustees Executive Committee (TEC), and the Order Honours Awards Committee (OHAC). Cameron continues his commitment to international growth and stability of the Order through his work as chair of the Asia-Pacific Regional Group and has achieved significant and successful outcomes using the new regional approach across the Asia-Pacific – most recently in St John in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Cameron Oxley

A great testament to Cameron’s character is his ability to bring people and ideas together to achieve outcomes for the Order and those it serves. Cameron has been integral in establishing strong collaborations – assisting the Australian Office to enhance unity with its eight State and Territory partners. This Australian network covers a significant geographic expanse and collectively wields 10,854 volunteers, 3,371 professional staff, 3,230 Members of the Order of St John, and 1,728 Youth Members. Together, this network provides a positive impact for over 2 million Australian people per annum, through a complex eco-system of health and community services.

Cameron Oxley

Under Cameron’s leadership St John Ambulance Australia has significantly advanced advocacy initiatives, such as First Aid for Learner Drivers, Public Access to Defibrillators, and Disaster Resilience and Response. Cameron has further worked with the leadership and executive functions of St John Ambulance Australia and its Federal Council, to negotiate and implement a national licencing agreement and establish a clear strategic framework that places the organisation in good stead for the future.

Cameron promotes inclusion – recognising and celebrating the inherent cultural, socio-economic, faith, and gender diversity amongst the people and communities of St John. He has furthered the organisation’s direction with reconciliation, and encouraged equitable gender representation on the Australian Priory Board.

Cameron is a great example of living the Order’s values. His compassion, desire to ‘serve’, and his devotion, continue to underpin his commitment to The Order of St John.

Our Lord Prior Professor Mark Compton offered his sincere congratulations to Cameron on his promotion to Bailiff Grand Cross.

“Cameron Oxley demonstrates his selfless devotion to the Order and those it serves in so many and varied ways. His dedication to our work and the way in which he demonstrably lives our Values is an example to us all and is much admired and respected.”

Professor Mark Compton