The Barbados District of St John Ambulance started in 1939 with formal establishment as the St John Ambulance Brigade of Barbados on November 5, 1942. In 2003, the Brigade was renamed the St John Ambulance Association of Barbados (Incorporated) by Act of Parliament.

During those first years, St John Ambulance played a major role in rendering First Aid when survivors of the wrecked torpedoed ships were brought or drifted to the island’s shores during the Second World War. In the early days, instruction in First Aid was offered to both men and women, and the Brigade quickly grew to 200 volunteers. Divisions of St John Ambulance were even setup within the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Barbados Defence Force and the Barbados Fire Service, though now all closed.

Today, St John Ambulance Barbados provides a quality service to our communities through First Aid training, education and care with a much smaller team of dedicated volunteers and members. The Association relies on donations and nominal service fees to fund its operations and programmes.


First Aid Training

St John Barbados offers first aid training to individuals, corporate entities, sporting clubs, community groups and non-profit organisations. First Aid certification is also facilitated at several tertiary educational institutions including the Barbados Vocational Training Board, The Jean & Norma Holder Hospitality Institute of the Barbados Community College and the Career Development Institute.

Our volunteers work with local youth organisations like the Barbados Girl Guides Association and the Barbados Boy Scouts Association to ensure their young members meet their First Aid Badge requirements and understand basic disaster preparedness.

Event First Aid

St John Barbados volunteers support the operations of the Department of Emergency Management at major national activities and mass public events, including the annual Crop Over Festival. Volunteers can also be found providing onsite first aid care at many of the nursery, primary and secondary school athletic meets, every year between January and March.

Our first aiders are also available for hire at public and private events such as sports tournaments, fairs and bazaars, open houses, promotions, concerts, pageants, and exhibitions.

Disaster Preparedness Training

St John Barbados trains volunteers in workshops which includes basic awareness of different types of disaster, how to identify and reduce risk from hazards, reducing vulnerability of people and property, making an emergency evacuation plan, basic emergency first aid skills and effective early warning systems.

Learn more about our Disaster Preparedness Programme


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