The first St John Centre established in 1925 to teach first aid to railway staff in Bulawayo (450km southwest of Harare), Zimbabwe. Today they have Offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare with 28 permanent and contract staff.


St John Zimbabwe provides an ambulance service, first aid training and first aid service, as well as home based care.  




First Aid and First Aid Training

St John in Zimbabwe is a recognised first aid and health and safety trainer of choice for hundreds of thousands of companies, local authorities, and members of the public. They offer courses that focus on CPR, choking, chest pains, bleeding, unconscious casualty and communication and casualty care, equipping the public with the skills to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.


First aid service is also provided at public meetings for example at sporting events, crusades and many more events. With volunteers that have undergone intensive training and refreshers make the service other companies can benchmark on. 


Ambulance Sevice

St John Ambulance in Zimbabwe play a crucial role in supporting the emergency services, and transporting patients to the nearest hospitals.


Home Based Care with Child Headed Households

In a country with one of the highest rates of people living with HIV/AIDS, children are often orphaned by AIDS and some may need to provide care for their dying parents when they do not know what to do.


St John in Zimbabwe offers training to youngsters to learn how to be a main caregiver to a terminally ill family member, or taking on the responsibility to look after their younger siblings. Volunteers also make household visits within the communities to offer counselling and support to child headed households which includes advice on care for family members, cooking nutritious meals etc.


Mother and Baby Programme

St John in Zimbabwe trains and mobilises local people to work in communities and at local health clinics. Their volunteers help improve the health of mothers and babies by teaching women about nutrition and antenatal check-ups, preparing for labour and the birth.Their community outreach educate men on the vital role they have in ensuring women have access to the healthcare they require. We have mobile clinics in some regions to bring healthcare facilities and professionals closer to the people that need it most.


A new maternity waiting facility has been built in Mount Hampden to allow expecting mothers who live remotely to wait before giving birth at the health clinic. Expecting mothers can stay during the last week of their pregnancies to prevent labour happening far away from a health facility. Skilled birth attendants are present to monitor the pregnancy during the last weeks and to prevent complications during the delivery. After giving birth, new mothers and their newborn infants can stay and rest before being discharged, and receive prenatal care. 


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Mother and Baby Programme



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