St John Zambia is one of the leading providers of first aid training within Zambia. They have years of experience in first aid and offer a range of courses for businesses and the general public in order to ensure that the people of Zambia are better equipped to save lives in an emergency.

Dedicated volunteers provide various primary health care within local communities in Lusaka and Chibombo districts. Primary health care includes Maternal Child Health, HIV and AIDS prevention programmes, growth monitoring and health education and awareness in supporting the local health systems. St John Zambia’s Mother and Baby project locally known as “Mama na Mwana” operates in 9 clinics from both Lusaka and Chibombo districts.


First Aid at Events with Ambulance services 

St John volunteers undertake first aid duties to the public and a range of other events. The organisation provides its First Aid services to clients that include private, government and quasi institutions. Currently, Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), Local football teams, Horse riding club, swimming gala, European Union marathon and Zambia Athletics Association are some of our main clients. Other clients include motor rallies, March pasts and many more.

St John Zambia’s biggest customers are always assured of volunteers at both trainings and international or regional football matches. Our two ambulances are always ready to provide emergency transport and First Aid at events services to the communities of Lusaka since 2007.

First Aid Training 

St John in Zambia offers a range of First Aid training courses to business houses, workplaces, churches, schools and communities. The organisation offers three courses namely, Social, Basic and Advanced First Aid. We also provide Fire Marshal trainings.

St John Zambia has been providing its services over the years to a wide spectrum of clients in both the public and private sectors. Some of the biggest clients the organisation has provided services to include Football association of Zambia, Zambia Motor sport association, Zambia Airports corporation, Zambia Police service and Zambia Electricity Supply Cooperation (ZESCO). Others are National Airports corporation, hotels, lodges, mines, banks, schools, churches and the general community. This was made possible through the Social Enterprise project which aimed at promoting First Aid in communities and workplaces.  

The organisation has also worked towards improving the portfolio of programs to include online First Aid training as well as Covid19 health awareness in all its trainings.

Supply of First Aid kits to workplaces 

The organisation also supplies and restocks all types and sizes of First Aid kits to clients both from the public and private sectors. Some of the biggest clients include USAID, Bird watch Zambia and Tobacco association of Zambia.

Over the years, the organisation has also endeavoured to provide excellent First Aid at events through our specialised full life support ambulances driven by our well experienced and skilled paramedics. Our two ambulances has been growing by the year.

Primary Health Care in the Community 

St John Zambia through its community volunteers has established strong links with Ministry of Health in Lusaka and Chibombo districts. Activities undertaken by St John volunteers are integrated into Governmental community health programmes to benefit the general population.

A range of services are provided to mothers with young children including health education, growth monitoring, community sensitisation and timely epidemics awareness.

Mother and Baby Programme

St John Zambia is supporting the local government’s efforts to improve the availability of timely and essential Primary Health care as well as Maternal and Health Care (MCH) activities for pregnant women and new mothers with babies.

Volunteers make door-to-door visits to support expectant and new parents, encourage them to use medical services early and often enough. St John also supplies a basic package of support to local clinics. In remote villages, where health services are not available, our volunteers work together with local health staff to provide outreach clinics.

St John’s Mother and Baby programmes educate families through household visits informing households on the steps to ensure good health for pregnant women, new mothers and their infants. The programme supports women and new mothers with advice and information on danger signs in pregnancy, post-natal care and after child birth. We also reach out to men and urge them to support their spouses during pregnancy, delivery and after childbirth. St John has collaborated very well with Government health teams to link community outreach and clinic services. The St John volunteers support the already overwhelmed staff at Health facilities.

The project has come a long way from 2014 when the Mother and Baby programme started with the aim of supporting government efforts through increasing facility deliveries and having a skilled health worker attend every birth. St John Zambia’s community volunteers have increased adherence levels with many more pregnant women attending antenatal (ANC) care earlier in their pregnancies. All St John Zambia programmes include the healthcare dimensions of antenatal and postnatal care during pregnancy, childbirth, and after delivery that includes family planning to ensure safe motherhood particularly in adolescent pregnant women and new adolescent mothers.

In the first two years after its launch, our Mother and Baby programme reached a total of 6,000 people in Zambia with low-cost and high quality activities.

Funders of the projects

Both the Mother and Baby and the First Aid projects are funded and supported by St John International.

The Mother and Baby project has for the last 7 years been receiving some of it's funding from various funders. St John International funds the Maternal Child Health (MCH) and HIV/AIDS prevention programme; Big Rotary International UK for maternal child health project (2014 – 2017); Presidential Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) for funding HIV/AIDS prevention programmes; City of Vienna-Austria for funding the expansion of maternal child health in Chibombo; The Island of Guernsey also funded the project for HIV/AIDS programmes in 2018; and United Kingdom Research Institute (UKRI) – Arts and Humanities Research Council, Sheffield Hallam University, University Huddersfield and– Huddersfield Centre for Research (Hud CRES) in Education and Society for the Life-Saving Lullabies project which successfully ended in 2021. In 2021, the project introduced another activity targeting menfolk dubbed “Father and Baby (Tata na Mwana)”.

The Mother and Baby project has improved Maternal Child Health issues through Community Health Education and Sensitization. The Mother and Baby project provides constant on-going activities within the community as well as at the health facilities to create awareness among our primary beneficiaries regarding danger signs, safe practices, and their rights to maternal health services, as it is so important for both mother and baby during the 1,000 critical days.

Most of all maternal and neonatal deaths are caused by pregnancy and childbirth complications, and some causes of maternal deaths are indirect causes including disease during pregnancy, poor health at conception, and lack of adequate care during and after pregnancy. High blood pressure has become very common, even in adolescents and this is the reason for putting up different strategies of interventions to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths.

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