St John Zambia is one of the leading providers of first aid training within Zambia. They have years of experience in first aid and offer a range of courses for businesses and the general public in order to ensure that the people of Zambia are better equipped to save lives in an emergency. Dedicated volunteers also provide various care within local communities in Lusaka such as HIV and AIDS programmes, growth monitoring and health education and awareness.



First Aid and First Aid Training

St John volunteers undertake first aid duties for the public at a range of events. The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is one of St John Zambia’s biggest customers and there is no shortage of volunteers at international and regional matches. An ambulance to provide emergency transport, when required, was obtained in 2007.


St John in Zambia offers a range of first aid training to business, commerce and at public events.


Care in the Community

Strong links have been formed over the years between St John Zambia and the Ministry of Health’s Lusaka District Health Management Team. Activities undertaken by St John volunteers are integrated into governmental community health programmes to the overall benefit of the population.


A range of services are provided to mothers with young children including health education, growth monitoring and community sensitisation and awareness at times of epidemics.


Mother and Baby Programme

St John in Zambia trains and mobilises local people to work in communities and at local health clinics. Their volunteers help improve the health of mothers and babies by teaching women about nutrition and antenatal check-ups, preparing for labour and the birth.Their community outreach educate men on the vital role they have in ensuring women have access to the healthcare they require. We have mobile clinics in some regions to bring healthcare facilities and professionals closer to the people that need it most.


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Mother and Baby Programme



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