St John Ambulance activities have been carried on in St Lucia for over 80 years.

They are dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger. As St Lucia’s standard for excellence in first aid and CPR services, St John Ambulance plays an integral role in our society offering innovative programmes and products, ensuring St Lucians receive the best quality training and expertise.

St John St Lucia provides the highest quality training in first aid, disaster preparedness, CPR. They also provide first aid cover at events, and vital support services and health awareness to communities around St Lucia.

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First Aid

First aid is the core activity of St John St Lucia where it is provided to commerical organisations and to schools. Their objective is to create a future generation that will have first aid knowledge and skills to reduce the current lack of proper care to the injured and ill people which is leading to further medical complications and loss of lives.

First Aid and Emergency Training

Basic principles, such as knowing to use an adhesive bandage or applying direct pressure on a bleed, are often acquired passively through life experiences. To provide effective, life-saving first aid interventions requires instruction and practical training. St John St Lucia focus on educating the public on some of these very critical issues. They believe that it’s absolutely unacceptable that so many people die needlessly – because no one could give them first aid when they needed it.

Disaster Preparedness Training

St John St Lucia has been providing vital disaster preparedness training to communities around the country for many years. Their basic one day course provides the public with basic awareness of different types of disasters, how to identify and reduce risk from hazards, making a emergency plan and then basic emergency first aid skills.

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St John Assoication of St Lucia
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