St John New Zealand existed since 1885 and today is still run and staffed by people who are passionate about serving their communities and caring for fellow New Zealanders. We are a charity and have a volunteer ethos, with paid and volunteer members working side by side.

Those who work for St John are driven by the desire to help their local communities by providing essential health-related services.

St John is at the frontline of medical response providing Ambulance Services throughout New Zealand. They are also part of the broader landscape of health and social care, through our provision of first aid training, event medical services, medical alarms, youth programmes and a wide range of community programmes.


Ambulance Service

In New Zealand, the St John Ambulance Service treats and transports approximately 400,000 people every year. We have more than 600 operational vehicles and 205 ambulance stations. On average, their vehicles travel more than 17 million kilometres annually to attend around 330,000 emergency incidents. St John provides emergency ambulance services to nearly 90% of New Zealanders.

As well as responding to emergencies, St John also: transports patients for arranged hospital admissions and to hospital outpatient clinics transfers patients between hospitals or from hospital to home assists police and fire services by providing medical cover in emergency situations arranges and crews air ambulance flights monitors St John Medical Alarms.

First Aid

First aid is at the heart of St John New Zealand. In addition to their ambulance services, they provide training courses, kits and supplies, AEDs and smartphone applications.

Community Service

The programmes that St John New Zealand provide help people in many ways. In some cases they’re practical, like transport to health appointments; at other times they’re about emotional health, like providing regular contact with a caring friend. These services are run primarily by volunteers and are often free of charge.

  • Health Shuttle - The Health Shuttle is a free community service that transports people to essential appointments.
  • Caring Caller - St John’s free Caring Caller service connects people who need a friend with people who have time to listen and chat.
  • Friends of the Emergency Department/Hospital Friends - Our Friends of the Emergency Department (FED) and Hospital Friends volunteers provide comfort and support to hospital patients.

St John Medical Alarms

Medical alarms help seniors and people with disabilities to continue enjoying their independence for longer. They also provide reassurance for families and friends. St John is New Zealand’s leading medical alarm provider. Their medical alarams are the only ones monitored directly by St John and are the medical alarms recommended most often by GPs.


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