St John Ambulance Malaysia (SJAM) is a non-government statutory body incorporated under Act 74 - St John Ambulance of Malaysia (Incorporation) Act 1972. 

As the leading First Aid organization in Malaysia since 1908, SJAM has been rendering First Aid and Home Nursing Care to the needy in almost all public and private events throughout the country by uplifting its motto “For the Service of Mankind”.

SJAM members consist of more than 60,000 volunteers, volunteers have played a significant role during disaster and emergencies nationwide in Malaysia. They are always ready to serve, come rain or shine, anytime of the year. They also assist in disasters such as floods, fires, landslides not only in Malaysia but in other surrounding countries.

SJAM actively plays a role in educating the public on the importance of learning First Aid and CPR skills to save lives. As a charitable organisation, funded by donations from the public, SJAM operates nationwide Emergency and Non-Emergency Ambulance Service as well as performing First Aid standby for all events. SJAM also provides affordable health care to low-income groups through their nursing care, wound care centre, mobile clinics and haemodialysis centres. SJAM continues to strive to improve their service quality to better serve all Malaysians.


Ambulance Service

Today, SJAM has the largest fleet of privately-owned ambulances in Malaysia with a 24-Hour Emergency Ambulance Service, and a Non-Emergency Ambulance Service. The Non-Emergency Ambulance Service is found in most major towns in Malaysia and is on standby during major events to provide first aid support to the public. 

SJAM also collaborates with the Ministry of Health Malaysia in providing Pre-Hospital Emergency Ambulance Service which help reduce response time at accident prone hotspots funded by the Malaysian government.  

First Aid and First Aid Training 

SJAM is the leading First Aid training provider in Malaysia. With a long history of First Aid training since 1908, SJAM provides comprehensive, complete and practical First Aid training to the public in the industrial sectors, offices, government departments, schools, and other institutions. SJAM also provides free CPR and AED Awareness programs for the community.

Mobile Clinic, Nursing Care Centre and Wound Centre

SJAM have been diversifying community health care services based on the current need of its community and providing these services affordable to the low income group. Besides that, SJAM strives to create awareness and education in the importance of living a healthy life style as prevention is better than cure.

Haemodialysis Service

SJAM have been operating Haemodialyisis centres since 1993 to meet a growing need in the community for people experiencing serious problems with their kidneys. Kidney failure is often caused by diabetes and high blood pressure – two of the fastest growing non-communicable diseases. The Haemodialysis service is vital for filtering out the harmful substances in the blood when the kidney is unable to do so. Currently SJAM operate 17 dialysis centres nationwide with more than 230 dialysis machines.

Community Service

From time to time, St John Ambulance members visit orphanages and elderly resident homes to spend time with these children and elderly people who often are overlooked by society. St John Ambulance members are also active in community services including gotong-royong (community cleaning), building bridges and clearing settlements.


St John Ambulance Malaysia
National Headquarters
41 Jalan Shelley
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 9285 1576/+603 9281 5784
Email: [email protected]