Volunteers’ Week 2024: A Round-Up

Jonah - St John Ambulance Solomon Islands

“My name is Jonah, and I proudly hail from the Duff Islands of Temotu Province in the Solomon Islands. For the past year, I have had the privilege of serving as a volunteer with St John Ambulance Solomon Islands.
My current role is as a Nurse and Ambulance Clinician. My decision to become a volunteer with St John was driven by my passion for helping others and my desire to contribute to the service of humanity. I recognised that St John requires individuals to have experience caring for the sick and for people to have the confidence to work diligently in a dedicated manner.
I am deeply committed to making a positive impact through my volunteer work, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with such a reputable organisation. I look forward to continuing my journey with St John Ambulance Solomon Islands and contributing to the wellbeing of our community.”

Abraham - St John WA

“I remember going to training nights with my dad at the Melville division, getting involved as a patient for simulation exercises (SIMEXs), and getting bandaged and covered in fake blood. I would always excitedly ask him questions and listen to how he would help and care for his patients. I always thought that one day I would be able to get involved and help others too.”
After graduating high school, Abraham secured a commercial drone pilot license, which paved the way for a career in oil and gas. He worked his way up for three years and began working offshore as a survey technician.
“I got to work in some amazing places in that role, including Varanus Island, the Bass Strait, and Papua New Guinea. The job was fantastic; I got to see and explore places most people would never be able to. I remembered EHS and the stories Dad would tell me, and it seemed like the perfect answer, so I applied, and, shockingly, I was accepted.
Being part of EHS means that I get to engage the public in a positive way that I haven’t been able to do in any other aspect of my life. I get to meet all the weird and wonderful people of SJWA; learning from them and their experiences is always fascinating, and I think the range of experience everyone brings to EHS is what makes it such an enjoyable community to be part of.”
Inspired by his time as a volunteer, Abraham made the leap and applied for nursing at Notre Dame, with the goal of continuing into paramedicine.
“As of this year, I am in my first year of nursing and am enjoying it immensely.”

Chan Chingo-ho - St John Ambulance Hong Kong

“My name is Chan Ching-ho. I am a Senior Ambulance Officer from the No. 1 Open Combined Cadet Division. I have served in the Hong Kong St John Ambulance Brigade for over 17 years. I enrolled as a cadet member in the Carmel Combined Cadet Division in 2007. Then, I was transferred to the No. 1 Open Combined Cadet Division and was promoted as one of the officers.
I am a registered nurse working at a regional public hospital. I also work on three different aspects. My first role was Divisional Officer in the No. 1 Open Combined Cadet Division. This division is unique because it is entirely open to the public.
The second aspect is clinical practice. I have always practiced as a nurse in different first aid duties, including international sports events, celebrations of traditional festivals, and local events. Also, I was part of the task force for the vaccination outreach team during the COVID-19 pandemic, and my third role is as a peer of other volunteers.
When I first joined St John, I only wanted to learn first aid for myself. When I was in primary school, I had problems with my nose and had regular nose bleeds. Then, I found that the skills I learned through first aid at St John could help others, and I joined my teammates in different community services and duties.
For the past 17 years, volunteer life has given me opportunities to explore different events and meet friends. Various experiences and roles in the division has inspired me to think more comprehensively; meanwhile, the innocence and sincerity of the Cadets reminded me of how we should serve the public. Learning these valuable experiences cannot be taught through lectures but through hands-on experience. I wish to devote my whole life to this meaningful work.”
Chan Ching Ho