Volunteers from Sri Lanka provides relief aid to flood victims

Thousands of people in Sri Lanka have been affected by heavy floods and landslides after a deadly cyclone.

An estimated 500,000 people have been directly affected with some places experiencing up to 300 mm of rainfall. According to the Disaster Management Centre, 43 people have been killed and close to 307,000 people displaced by the flooding. They are now being housed at 594 temporary camps across Sri Lanka. (IFRC, 19 May 2016)

St John Sri Lanka volunteers from Kelaniya and Delgoda divisions have travelled to the town of Malwana to provide relief aid for those affected by the floods. Already the volunteers have helped a number of people with first aid, first aid supplies and basic supplies including food, water, medicine and clothes. Many volunteers from different St John divisions have travelled to other districts to help local communities with first aid and basic supplies.

A spokesperson from St John International have commended on St John Sri Lanka volunteers for their effort:

During these devastating times, it is wonderful to see volunteers stepping in to help those in need. St John Sri Lanka is applauded for conducting its work in the most difficult of circumstances.