“Working to create a sense of one family of St John by strengthening and bringing together our many locally-led organisations around a common vision and common values. Based across the world and mainly in the Commonwealth, we endeavour to help and support the one family of St John.”

Cameron Oxley, Chancellor, St John Australia:

As Chancellor of St John Australia, I recognise that at the heart of the Order’s global strategy is a sense that we are all part of the same family. We are joined with colleagues across the globe to support our mission to be global leaders in first aid and medical responses to community healthcare needs. On the ground, this means that in our three regions – Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Asia-Pacific; and the Americas – St John organisations are coming together to support each other, collaborate and share knowledge and ideas while delivering excellent services to meet the needs of their communities.

In my own region – Asia-Pacific – Priories and Associations have come together to consolidate regional knowledge on fundraising, with plans to extend collaboration and provide support to improve and extend operational delivery of first aid, ambulance services and community healthcare through training, educational programmes, technical support and effective governance.

St John Australia

Nigel Heath, Prior, Priory in the USA:

Each region is implementing the strategy in ways appropriate to its local context. In the Americas, the Priories of Canada and the USA are supporting Associations in the Caribbean using their own strengths. From the US, we offer assistance with operational management including governance, finance and investment, while our colleagues in Canada are sharing expertise in healthcare and training. We have completed a baseline assessment of every Association and will now work with them to develop professional business plans to drive growth and improve quality across all nine St John Caribbean Associations. Working together, we will reach more people with high-quality services, help our Organisations to become self-sustaining, and reinforce the sense that we are all part of a global organisation, united in our mission and values.

St John USA

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