• Volunteers’ Week 2024: A Round-Up

    It’s International Volunteer’s Week, and to celebrate all our amazing and selfless volunteers, we will be highlighting some of the incredible volunteers of St John and their many different volunteer roles!

  • Volunteer Spotlight: Clarah Murambiwa

    Clarah shares with us her motivations for joining St John Zimbabwe, and the multitude of roles she has held in her time with us.

  • Pro Utilitate Hominum – The Priory of the USA’s Second Annual National Day of Service

    Every day, there are countless organizations across the country providing all manner of services to those in need. Many, many Confrères in the U.S. Priory support these organizations through financial contributions, volunteerism, or service on boards of directors. But there is one day each year we are all asked to be proximate to these groups, to see what it takes to provide food for the hungry; homes for the unhoused; or comfort for our veterans, the elderly or lonely. This is the Priory’s National Day of Service. In its second year, more than 200 Members in cities from coast to coast turned out to put the mission of the Order into action.

  • Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Vitale

    “The expression of gratitude, the expression I have seen on these people that we have been assisted. Their face, their gratitude—honestly, there is nothing in this world that can be more satisfying than seeing that.”
    This is just one of the reasons why Greg Vitale, a volunteer from St John Ambulance St Lucia, enjoys volunteering with St John.
    For more, watch Greg’s video today!
  • Cameron Oxley promoted to Bailiff Grand Cross

    Cameron Oxley has been promoted to Bailiff Grand Cross. This is the most senior grade within the Order, awarded to those who have demonstrated the utmost integrity, loyalty, and devotion to the Order of St John.

  • Mr Clembert Powell: A Life Devoted to Service and Humanity

    It was with great sadness that we received the news of the passing of Mr Clembert Nathaniel Powell, the former Commissioner of St John Ambulance Jamaica, in January 2024.

  • Tom Budd visits Solomon Islands

    We’re delighted that our Chancellor, Tom Budd, and Cameron Oxley, Chancellor of the Priory of the Order of St John Ambulance Australia, were able to visit the St John Ambulance Solomon Islands team in January.

  • A Letter to His Majesty The King

    Following the recent news of His Majesty The King’s health, our Lord Prior Prof Mark Compton has written a letter to His Majesty The King.