St John’s Success Model for First Aid

What is the First Aid Success Model?  
The First Aid Success Model is a guidebook, written by you, for all St John organisations to refer to and learn from. It will collect all our global knowledge and organise it into one structured framework, providing building block style steps for how to deliver first aid services under a Social Enterprise Business Model.   

Wait… the First Aid Success Model isn’t a First Aid Training Manual?
No, it is an operational handbook, written by you. Think of this as the manual *behind* the first aid training manual. The Success Model guides you in the *how* to deliver the best first aid services you can – not the *what*.  

What topics will the First Aid Success Model cover?  
The guidebook will include five chapters in key business areas: 

  1. Vision, Strategy, and Business Planning 
  2. Financial management, and Sustainability 
  3. Marketing, Fundraising, and Outreach 
  4. Human Resources and Volunteer management 
  5. Operational Excellence

Performance Management will be included in all of the five chapters.

How will the guidebook be organised? What will it share?  
A list of management practices in the form of ‘must-dos’ (our collective “Rules”) and ‘should-dos’ (our collective “Recommendations”): 

  • A brief overview of their importance. 
  • Implementation steps/approach. 
  • Case studies from St John Establishments to highlight what these practices look and feel like in action. 
  • Tools and resources to help adopt the practice.   

Who will write the guidebook?  
St John International (SJI) will facilitate and moderate the process of writing the guidebook. The working groups of St John staff and volunteers from the different St John establishments who are experts in the different functions will write the case studies and management practices which will make up the guidebook.   

What is the process of putting the guidebook together?  
Our friendly Programmes Team here at St John International have been hosting regular online working groups to discuss the SJI will host regular online working groups to discuss the activities of each management principle (outlined in Q3). 

At the end of each workshop meeting, attendees document each management practice and provide a case study from their establishments. These management practices and case studies will form the guidebook, organised through our collective Rules and Recommendations.

How can I get involved?  
Contact Nada Awaga, on, to get in touch with our Programmes Team. We’d love to hear more about your experiences running a First Aid Service in your local community – how do you attract volunteers? How have you ensured that your business model is sustainable? What tools do you use to monitor your impact? – to ensure that this manual is as comprehensive and useful to as many Establishments around the world as possible.

Do you have any Workshops coming up?

Our next Workshop will take place on Thursday 5th October, 11am-1pm (UK time) on MS Teams. The topic is “Staff and Volunteer Management.”

You can register directly for this Workshop here.