Helping to save more lives in Guyana

At the end of November, St John Guyana received a portable defibrillator when Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Viscount Roland de Rosiere visited.

An automatic external defibrillator is regarded as one of the most important tools in saving the lives of sudden cardiac arrest in casualties as it provides electric shock to a heart that has stopped beating.

Mr Vibert Parvatan, Chairman of St John Guyana expressed sincere thanks to Ambassador de Rosiere and observed that in its planned expansion programme, St John Guyana will have trained first aiders in all of the ten regions in Guyana in the near future.

Ambassador de Rosiere expressed his pleasure to be able to cooperate with St John as both Orders formed the Alliance with the German, Swedish and Dutch St Johns.

Together, the Orders share the same origin with the Hospital founded over 900 years ago by the Blessed Gerard in Jerusalem, and the pursue of the same ideals to help the sick and the poor, which is achieved in large part, thanks to the many who volunteer.

Photo: Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Viscount Roland de Rosiere presenting a defibrillator to Mr  Chairman of St John Guyana, Vibert Parvatan.