“We must not forget, and we will not forget”

St John Scotland’s CEO Colonel Angus Loudon reflects on his time in the army and the importance of Remembrance Day on November 11.

“As someone who spent 34 years in uniform, and served all over the world in a number of campaigns, Remembrance Day is a time of reflection. It allows me to pause and think about where I served, those I served with, and, crucially, those who either did not return or who did so damaged, either physically or psychologically.

Every day is, in its way, Remembrance Day, but Remembrance in November allows us to focus our thoughts and come together collectively for a common cause. We must not forget, and we will not forget.

As President of my Regimental Association, Remembrance Day also gives me the chance to meet with my comrades in arms, share our experiences, be they good or not so good, and think about the generations of those who went before us, many of whom fell in battle.

This spirit of camaraderie is at the heart of soldiering and is a very powerful and positive support function.”

Colonel Angus Loudon MBE CStJ, CEO St John Scotland


On this Remembrance Day, St John remembers the Armed Forces and their families from Britain and the Commonwealth. We remember the vital role played by the emergency services and those who lost their lives as a result of the conflict.

We must never forget.