Remembering HM The Queen Elizabeth II

On the first Anniversary of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, we offer a prayer from our Prelate, The Right Reverend Tim Stevens. The late HM Queen Elizabeth II was our Sovereign Head throughout her 70 years of reign, and we share a special thanks today for her unwavering and indefatigable devotion to duty.

Almighty and eternal God, in whom there is neither beginning nor end,
You are our hope in life and in death, and in your promise, we place our trust.

We thank you for the life and example of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth, for her devoted service and constant faithfulness, for the love she showed for country, commonwealth, and people of every creed and age, and above all, for her trust in you.

Grant us courage, wisdom, and compassion to serve Our Lords the sick and the poor, following her example, and inspired by her vision of the one true Kingdom of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray,


The Right Reverend Tim Stevens

Remembering HM The Queen Elizabeth II