St John celebrates Pride

June marks Pride month; four weeks during which the world celebrates diversity and equality in all its forms. Many of our staff and volunteers are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and – like all our people – give generously of their time and talent to St John.

We welcome everyone into our St John family, and seek to ensure everyone feels appreciated and welcomed every day.

Prof Mark Compton, Lord Prior

Like in previous years, St John volunteers and staff members will walk in Pride parades, other colleagues will provide medical services to various Pride events, and the rainbow flag will be flying over St John’s Gate in London.

Mardi Gras and GLAM-bulance

While St John England volunteers and staff will join the London Pride parade, which has been postponed to September, more than 20 St John volunteers from St John Australia already participated in the 2021 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, dancing and wearing rainbow epaulettes. St John South Australia’s Prospect Division held its inaugural St John Pride Day March. St John Western Australia ran a “GLAM-bulance” competition, where a local artist designed an ambulance in rainbow colours.

Diversity and Inclusion are universal values

Although June marks a month of celebrations, Pride is not all about rainbows and parades.

Pride asks for respect of diversity and equality. St John is an inclusive organisation when it comes to our members and providing care to anyone who comes to us for assistance. I hope that all people find a home and a safe space in St John without judgement or discrimination.

Prof Mark Compton, Lord Prior

St John Australia Northern Territory has recently approved the formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, committed to fostering and advocating an inclusive culture, by incorporating values of equity and diversity across all areas of St John. In Australia and many other countries, St John people use pronouns in their email signatures. St John has also partnered with LGBTQIA+ organisations to raise awareness amongst all volunteers and staff, and to help improving the lives of Australia’s LGBTQIA+ youth.

To learn more about if and how national St John organisations celebrate Pride, check their social media pages and websites.