Pride month: St John are proud to support the voices of all of the people who make up our St John family

This Pride month, St John was proud to celebrate, support, and amplify the voices of all of the incredible people who make up our St John family.

“We welcome everyone into our St John family, and seek to ensure everyone feels appreciated and welcomed every day.”

Prof Mark Compton, Lord Prior

It takes a lot of teamwork to make an event run smoothly, and St John people worldwide were there to provide event cover in a range of ways; here is a snapshot of how some St John establishments served their communities during Pride month.

St John Cymru attended the Pride Cymru parade in Cardiff on Saturday 17th June. Volunteers, staff, supporters, and their families represented St John Ambulance Cymru.

Pride Month celebrations

Please watch a video from their day below:

“The best organisations have a culture that makes everyone feel they belong. That sense of belonging is an important part of who we are as St John.”

Susan le Jeune d’Allegeershecque, Secretary General

St John Gibraltar, was there to support the Gibraltar Pride event on Saturday 24th June. Hundreds marched up Main Street for Gibraltar Pride with a giant rainbow flag, as a symbol for the LGBTQ+ rights movement.

Pride Month celebrations in Gibraltar

The message for the day was: “acceptance not tolerance”, with the rainbow’s colours reflecting the diversity of the Gibraltar community and the spectrum of human sexuality.

Pride Month celebrations in Gibraltar

In New Zealand, Ambulance officers Alice Havler, Lauren Parsons, and Hannah Cruickshank from Oamaru entered the ‘Sweat with Pride’ event. The event challenges everyone to sweat for at least 21 minutes a day during the month of June, with the aim of getting active and raising money to support the Rainbow communities. For more information on Sweat with Pride, click here, and to support the New Zealand Ambulance team click here.

Pride Month celebrations in New Zealand

Hannah says, “My torture of choice is dance but I’m doing it because I just want everyone to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are.”

There are still places around the world where Pride is not celebrated, and members of our LGBTQ+ communities are not safe to live as themselves. We continue to stand together, fostering inclusivity, love, and acceptance. Together, we can create a safe and uplifting space for all.