The St John Organ Donation Award launched

The Award which was presented by HRH the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, awarded the families of 33 organ donors the St John Award to celebrate the bravery of their loved ones and to recognise the contribution that, posthumously, they have made to many other lives.

The 33 organ donor recipients who were chosen to receive awards on behalf of their loved ones, at the St James Palace event, were chosen due to their passionate commitment to promoting organ donation and many of them serve as members on a local organ donation committee.

The Award is now subsequently available to all UK citizens who agreed to donation after April 2012 and there will be regional ceremonies taking place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland along with smaller regional ceremonies throughout England before the end of the year.

Speaking at the ceremony The Duke of Gloucester said;

I hope this award will bring better publicity to the idea of organ donation and that this will make a difference to a great many individuals in the future. I am delighted to present this award to you.

I hope that when people see your badge it will give you the opportunity to explain to people what it is for and that, the penny will drop for them that this is such an important consideration and it really can save lives.

My wife and I very much want to thank you for your forethought and the contribution you have made as a team to benefit the lives of others and the world of medicine in general.

In the United Kingdom, around 3 people die every day due a shortage of organ donations; one donor could save or enhance the lives of up to nine people; but only 31% of the UK population are registered on the organ donation register. If you would like to add your name to the UK Organ Donor Register, please register here