Two new grants for St John Mother and Baby Programme

Starting the year with some good news as the St John Mother and Baby Programme running in sub Saharan Africa has received two new grants.

After having already funded activities in Zimbabwe, The British Humane Association is now extending their support to the maternal and child health programme with another £8,000. In addition, a grant of £15,000 from the Charles Hayward Foundation’s Overseas Programme will help to support activities in Uganda.

Sir Paul Lambert, Secretary General of The Order of St John welcomes both grants:

There is a continuing need for health services for pregnant women, mothers and babies in the countries where the St John Mother and Baby Programme is running. Currently we are planning to assist local St John Associations increase their support to their communities by expanding into new project sites, but also adding crucial new activities.

Furthermore, St John will focus on adolescent pregnant girls, who belongs to the most vulnerable groups in sub Saharan Africa and are often left behind without appropriate healthcare for themselves or their newborn babies.