Dialogue among the Johannine Orders

“We all need friends, and people to challenge and listen to us. Some of the most creative conversations can arise between people with the same values but different perspectives and strengths.

For many years we in St John, together with the Johanniter of GermanySweden and the Netherlands and the Order of Malta have been committed to regular meetings, building confidence and trust. We are bound together by a long history of humane action inspired by faith.

The exact form, constitution and discipline of our Orders and operational strategy in humane work differs, but over the past few years a sense emerged that it would be helpful to map a profile of where we each work on the ground, whether individually or together. This work is now continuing in greater detail.

In Stockholm we held our most recent meetings from 1-4 April 2022 in an environment given a strong focus by the tragic events in Ukraine. We in St John do not have a footprint in Central Europe, where the Order of Malta as Maltese International have well established posts on the ground in countries surrounding and within Ukraine, as do the Johanniter.

St John Priories in the USCanada and elsewhere have contributed funds directly and others have sent aid, but the outcome of our meeting in Sweden was to share information and develop some common strategies.

Our Orders are distinct from one another, but our support for each other is profound.

As Chancellor of the Order of St John it falls within my remit to promote this cooperation in every country where we work around the world: An exciting challenge in which I hope we can all participate!”

Dr Gillian Willmore

The five Orders met in Sweden