International Youth Day: Meet Mia and Libin

In honour of International Youth Day today, we would like to introduce you to two young people who are a part of St John.

Mia is part of the NHS Cadet Advanced Programme which is a new scheme created in partnership with the NHS. The NHS Cadet programme provides opportunities for young people to explore roles in healthcare, and is aimed at 14 to 18-year-olds. The programme is helping Mia to develop her skills in healthcare and possible pathway into volunteering with the NHS.

Mia is not only an NHS Cadet but also a Cadet reporter within St John. Her work includes reporting at big events such as the “BigThankYouTour” in Manchester, which was a free concert for key workers and being a part of the social media takeover on the St John Ambulance Youth Instagram account on Young Carers Action Day.


“I chose to join NHS Cadets as I wanted to learn about healthcare and get a greater understanding of my career goals, and with this, I sort of fell into the Cadet reporters project.”

Mia, NHS Cadet

Another young person that is a part of St John is Libin. Libin has been a Cadet First Aider and Demonstrator for just over a year, being a Cadet First Aider and Demonstrator allows Libin to go and practice the lifesaving first aid skills he has learned within St John – it gives him the opportunity to volunteer within his community to teach other young people his incredible skills.

Libin is also a Cadet Corporal within the Edmonton unit and recently won the National Youth Public Speaking Competition. In his spare time, he chairs the London and South Regional Youth Forum within St John, which is a platform for young people across the London and South region.


In addition to his other roles and responsibilities, Libin is Co-Chair of the Youth Operations Delivery Steering Group which works to improve service delivery for young people within St John.

“Joining St John has truly changed my life and has carved a path to a better future for me.”

Libin, Cadet Corporal

For more on youth, read about St John International Youth Advisory Network (IYAN)

St John continues to recognise youth across the globe, and will always work to empower young people to make positive contributions to their communities. We hope to have more young people like Mia and Libin join the St John family and become an inspiration to future generations.