Helping refugees in Europe: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH) Germany provides humanitarian assistance

Following the refugees crisis in Europe, hundreds of Johanniter members and volunteers have been involved in helping over 33,000 refugees in the last two weeks. They have built emergency shelters within hours while delivering medical assistance and taking care of people arriving at the rail stations.

In Munich for example, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH) Germany is providing shelters and aid to more than 5,000 refugees, aiming to satisfy their basic needs in terms of safety, sleeping, eating, drinking and hygiene.

In the region of Niedersachsen, thousands of refugees arrived by train since the beginning of September and Johanniter volunteers have assisted by setting up shelters for around 2,000 people within only a few days.

In addition, JUH Germany supports more than 80 refugee facilities across the country. Medical assistance, emergency shelters and accommodation facilities (notably for unaccompanied minors) are currently provided in eight regions.

JUH Germany is taking care of more than 25,000 refugees every day. As a partner of the federal regions, the organisation has also proved during the last month its excellent capacity in the creation of long-term accommodations while providing language training and other kind of assistance.

Helping refugees

About Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH) Germany

JUH Germany is one of 16 national charity organisations in Europe and the Middle East. They provide national and international activities such as Emergency Medical Services, First Aid, Social Care, Youth Work and International Assistance, and services for old, poor and disabled people in need.

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