Helping the community with the purchase of tea

Last year in a unique effort to raise funds for first aid training, St John Ambulance Sri Lanka partnered with St Clair’s Tea, creating a special St John line of tea. A year on and we are pleased to announce that these packs are taking the world by storm.

Grown above 4,100ft in the Maskeliya region of the Sri Lankan interior, this Ceylon Tea (made in partnership with Sri Lanka’s leading tea producer) is set to change the lives of people across the world. The sale of St John’s tea will raise funds for St John Ambulance locally to the place of sale, and also to train villagers in first aid in some of the poorest locations in Sri Lanka.

In fact, the sale of just five boxes of tea will be enough to train one villager to save lives in their community. So just by purchasing a box of St John Ceylon tea, patrons have the opportunity to contribute to saving lives around the world on their tea break. The tea, which is already popular in Sri Lanka, is now being sold in the Order of St John Museum in London, and also in Vancouver, Canada, with further projected growth in the future.

If you would like to get involved in the sale of St John tea to raise money for St John activities in Sri Lanka and in your area, please email Mr Rohan Fernando from St John Sri Lanka at