St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, treating patients regardless of ethnicity, religion or ability to pay. 

Their flagship Hospital in Jerusalem, Hospitals in Gaza and Hebron, Clinics in Anabta and the Muristan section of Jerusalem’s Old City, and Mobile Outreach and Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programmes which travel across the West Bank and Gaza bringing eye care to isolated communities, ensure they have the greatest possible reach and impact in the region.


Jerusalem Hospital

ln 2016, 42,100 people were treated in the hospital in Jerusalem including performing 3,800 major operations. Jerusalem is the base for many specialist training programmes, satellite programmes and a research unit.

Muristan Clinic

Our Muristan Clinic opened in 2016 and hopes to see over 5,000 outpatients annually.

It is located in the heart of the Old City, and on the site of the original Crusader hospital from where The Order of St John’s history originates.

Hebron Hospital  

In 2016, the new Hebron Hospital in a bigger premises and more central location was opened to the public. As a result 13,600 people were treated, including over 500 major operations. This is an increase of outpatients by nearly 20% and an increase of major surgeries by 50% from the previous year.

Anabta Clinic

In 2016, 21,000 outpatients were treated at the Anabta Clinic.

Gaza Hospital

In 2016 the Gaza Hospital saw over 27,000 patients including performing over 500 major operations. Their new state-of-the-art Gaza Hospital opened in June 2016 allowing SJEHG to treat more people from within the region described as the worlds ‘biggest open air prison.’.

Mobile Outreach Programme

In 2016, reached over 18,000 patients were reached across the West Bank, reaching the most vulnerable and isolated areas communities in the region.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme

This programme monitors diabetic retinopathy (retinal damage to the eye caused by diabetes which may cause blindness) among patients in the West Bank.The initial project (2012-2016) saw over 44,500 patients screened and over 13,600 parents were referred for diabetic retinopathy treatment.

It was expanded to refugee camps in Jordan in 2016, the first time any SJEHG’s services have been projected into a neighbouring country. The programme is currently operating in Gazan refugee camps.


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