St John International is the organisation that provides support and services to St John establishments internationally. We are based at: 

The Order of St John  
3 Charter House Mews 
United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]  

Office hours
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

We do not deal with first aid services or provision, or services for members of the Order of St John.
For these matters, please contact your local St John establishment in the country or territory where you live.

We also cannot respond to queries from the UK on The Order of St John UK Award for Organ Donation.
For these queries please in the first instance contact your local Priory. 

Order of St John Members wishing to make enquiries about events or update their details should contact their local Priory or Association office. For priories this should be via: 

For all other St John establishments please use the contact details for your relevant local Association. These can be found in our Where We Work section, currently accessible from the tabs at the top of the front page of our website