The Order of St John is a unique international charity, with its chief headquarters in London. It is managed on the ground by a network of separate Priories and Associations around the world.

Today St John is a modern organisation delivering first aid, healthcare and support services around the world. Its programmes are community-based and volunteer led. They provide high impact at low cost.

From mobile clinics in Malawi to eye clinics in the Palestinian Territories, ambulance services in Australia and New Zealand, kidney dialysis in Malaysia, hospice care in Antigua and first aid worldwide, St John provides thousands of people with essential medical care every day.

At the core are the 200,000 St John volunteers who give their own time and effort to help others. In England and Uganda, in Jamaica and Canada, in South Africa and Wales, and in over 30 more countries, volunteers are wearing the eight-pointed cross on their uniforms, proud to be part of our worldwide charitable movement.

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