After we have redefined our global mission, we are in a stage of transition to lead our organisation into the future and to roll out the global strategy. Over the coming years, we will continuously develop this strategy and implement it step by step together with Priories, Associations, Commanderies and the Eye Hospital.

The first step on our way has already been achieved: The eleven Priories of St John have signed a Relationship Charter to develop, strengthen and build on the existing connections between them. This Charter will be the basis to increase collaboration and impact for all our St John organisations on a global scale – and this includes assistance for our Associations as well.

Currently, regions are getting set up, and they are developing plans and mechanisms to provide support. Our aim is a St John family, where we support and assist each other.

The strategy will offer help and support in key areas, such as: 

  • Clinical health
  • Governance
  • First aid training
  • Youth and young people
  • Financial accounting

The International Secretariat will work in partnership with the regions to assess how to deliver support on a regional basis, aiming at improving standards and output. Discussions between Priories and Associations in all three regions are planned to be starting in 2022.

Working groups have been started to discuss topics which are important for the process, such as digital and e-learning, improving our care for young and vulnerable people, improving first aid standards, a future funding model for our organisation, and care for our volunteers. All establishments will be invited to feed into these working groups.

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