Over the past few months, we have worked hard on our global strategy. Our strategy process has only just started, and we are now implementing the first useful tactical steps.

While the regionalisation is moving forward, Priory activities for regional collaboration and support of Associations will have to be identified and planned next. The International Office has made a proposal to Grand Council for transitioning its role to a global support office that unlocks St John’s collaborative potential.

International Office

Secretary General Susan le Jeune d’Allegeershecque gives an update on a range of planned activities from the International Office in support of the global strategy.


Our three regions are taking shape as a tactical level of support for St John Establishments.

In Asia Pacific the working group is currently preparing a measurement framework to assess the health of Associations, and EMEA is looking into job specs for a regional liaison officer.


The International Office team had one-two-one conversations with representatives of almost every Association to introduce the strategy development, but also to listen to their feedback.

Progress Report

Priories agreed on a new funding model for the International Office and its new role. The agreed funding model will be reviewed and discussed annually.

We are re-drafting the Order’s global risk register to better mitigate against our risks. One of these mitigation activities is the development of operational standards for clinical activities, training and governance.

The International Office and the Priories agreed to re-draft St John’s licensing agreement as a means of implementing quality and operational standards and maintain oversight.

We are currently developing a proposal for an advanced digital infrastructure for better collaboration between St John Establishments.

A global safeguarding audit was conducted, and now our Order's Audit and Risk committee is discussing outcome and implications, as well as the need for action

At Grand Council in June, Priories pledged to better support the International Youth Advisory Network and the global Women's Network.

We drafted a plan to transition our successful Mother and Baby Programme to regional and Establishment management as a test case for how to set up regional management structures.

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