We will develop our St John family of Charities into a truly global brand, leading in first aid and community health around the world.

Our strategy aims to

  • make St John a leader in First Aid and healthcare; locally, regionally, globally;
  • enhance our charitable output to serve communities better;
  • strengthen collaboration between all St John entities as One St John.

We will achieve this by

  • continuously improve the quality and scale of training and care that St John provides around the world;
  • share knowledge and approaches across St John organisations, enabling us to build resilient communities;
  • make St John known among international technical partners and the public as a global leader in the field of first aid and community health resilience;
  • unite the St John family around an ambitious common future.

St John is

  • an international family, that shares and supports all its members;
  • diverse and representative of the people we serve;
  • evidence based in our activity, and continuously learning what works and what does not;
  • collaborative and team orientated about our common achievement.

At the centre of our global strategy are the sick and the poor, the communities we serve, our Order members, and the volunteers and staff working for St John around the world.

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