First Aid is not the only kind of Safety we want to be world leaders in

Each day St John works with thousands of children and vulnerable adults across the world. Our organisations train more than 2 million people in first aid and other healthcare activities each year; globally, we treat over 1.2 million and reach more than 2.5 million beneficiaries with our services. We need to ensure that everyone, be it those we care for, or those that work or volunteer with us, can do so in a safe environment.

As the world changes with new ways of connecting, we need to change too. That is why St John is committed to adhering to international and local safeguarding standards in all Establishments. St John wants to be the best at safeguarding in every corner of our work, to ensure we continue to provide our valuable services in over 35 countries.

The Lord Prior is leading a 5 year initiative to develop our safeguarding culture and ability in all Establishments. Overseen by the Great Officers, St John International will be working alongside world-leading safeguarding experts Keeping Children Safe to provide tailored expertise to each organisation. Safeguarding leads, or the equivalent role holder, should expect invitations to engage with the project. 

Please share this webpage with all units in your Establishment or Commandry. You can also download our info poster and display it in your office or operational units for everyone to see. You may also refer partners to this information.

Anyone wanting to speak to a safeguarding lead on matters pertaining directly to the protection of any individual within their Establishment should contact the Safeguarding Team on: [email protected]

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