Some Associations have already had considerable support from the International Office over the years to assist in improving the very valuable work they do, and to reach more people in need. Now, St John wants to be able to do this for all Associations.

One of the most important tools for delivering the new strategy is the formation of three St John regions. Therefore, our Priories have been tasked to develop a regional model to provide additional support within these new regions. They are currently formed, and every Association will be part of one of them.

The regions are:

1 Americas incl. Caribbean

2 Europe, the Middle East and Africa

3 Asia and Oceania

Each region will be tasked with developing its own action for plan for the development of every Establishment. The Priories, where the majority of the Order’s operational capacity resides, will take the lead in collaboratively designing regional projects that will improve the ability of St John in the region.

As relationships between Establishments develop, the existing operational support relationship between St John International and Associations will change.

All St John organisations are strongly encouraged to engage in discussions with their peers in the region, and to start building operational links in a variety of areas.

Funding for Associations and their (charitable) activities will still be available for prioritised projects. While the International Office might be able to provide seed funding, the majority of support will come through the regions. In addition, a new global fundraising strategy will look into securing external funding.

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Regional meetings are currently suspended, a new timetable and future regional meetings are considered while the regional structures are built.