Priories are larger St John Establishments which assist in the running of The Order of St John and in the delivery of its services and charitable projects.

Priory in Australia

Priory of Canada

Priory of England

Priory of Hong Kong

Priory of Kenya

Priory in New Zealand

Priory of Scotland

Priory of Singapore

Priory for South Africa

Priory in the United States of America 

Priory for Wales


Associations are larger St John Establishments which assist in the delivery of the services and charitable projects of The Order of St John.


St John Eswatini

St John Ghana

St John Malawi

St John Mauritius 

St John Nigeria 

St John Tanzania 

St John Uganda

St John Zambia

St John Zimbabwe 

Asia Pacific

St John Fiji

St John Malaysia 

St John Papua New Guinea

St John Solomon Island 

St John Sri Lanka 


St John Antigua and Barbuda 

St John Barbados 

St John Bermuda

St John Dominica 

St John Grenada 

St John Guyana 

St John Jamaica 

St John St Lucia

St John Trinidad and Tobago


St John Cyprus

St John Gibraltar

St John Ireland (Associated Body)

St John Malta

Middle East

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is an independent organisation of the St John family.