One St John is a new on-line historical journal with a title encapsulating both an ideal and a programme for action.

The title affirms what the Most Venerable Order of St John has always aimed to be, i.e. a charitable organisation dedicated to giving practical expression to its ancient mottoes ‘For faith’ and ‘For the service of humanity’.

On the one hand, the title also states what the Order expects of the diverse worldwide family of the St John members, which is a high level of cooperation across national and territorial boundaries in putting those ideals into practice.

The published in One St John will seek to demonstrate how both the ideal and the programmes have evolved.

'One St John’ has been consciously chosen as the journal title because it emphasises the Order’s unity, particularly across the 127 years since Queen Victoria granted the Order Crown recognition 1888.

It is hoped that the new journal will serve the worldwide St John community by promoting a sense of unity, fraternity and common purpose across the worldwide family of organisations; as well as fostering interest and pride in the Order’s history, heritage and traditions.


Publications of the One St John Journal:

One St John Journal Vol 1 2015.pdf  

One St John Journal Vol 2 2016.pdf  

One St John Journal Vol 3 2017.pdf

One St John Journal Vol 4 2018.pdf

With thanks to the editors (l-r): Dr Ian Howie-Willis, Dr Matthew Glozier and Professor John Pearn, taken during the annual history seminar of the St John Ambulance Historical Society of Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, 28 April 2017.